What to Expect at Your Free Consulation with CaraBeautiful

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Our Place or Yours?

We are delighted to have you have as our guest. Perhaps you will be visiting us at our Greensboro office or we will be visiting you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Rafaela will bring all her materials with her if you choose to have a home visit.

A Delightful Conversation

Rafaela, NP (Nurse Practicioner) will start by listening to you and assessing your wants and needs. Your happiness is our number one priority. While Rafaela makes suggestions and provides feedback, you are always in control of your new look. Feel free to ask any questions at this point.

You will look at more before and after pictures and get insight on the differences between products. Perhaps you thought you wanted one thing done but now you’ve discovered there is more or less that would achieve your best look. You feel completely at ease having someone to talk to in confidence about this.

“I’m lucky that I have such a great smile, but I just can’t stand these bags under my eyes! I hate looking tired all the time and now it feels like it's just getting worse. I want my husband to look at me think about things we do at night besides sleeping... if you know what I mean.”

An Examination

Rafaela will look at your face. With your permission she may touch the areas that are concerning you. She makes notes about where and what you would like done and her recommendations.

“I can inject about a half of a syringe of product right here and add that volume under your eyes, so the bags will be much smaller. I will make sure you look rested and natural.”

You nod in agreement once you reach a consensus. She provides you with a quote that is appropriate to your needs and budget. You feel great about your upcoming appointment and can’t wait for your new look.

She shakes your hand as the consultation ends and you are so glad that you decided to contact us.

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