How to Age Like Fine Wine

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Step One: Don’t Drink Wine

That was just a funny. Did you laugh? Wine is fine in moderation of course. It's no secret that heavy drinking wreaks havoc on the skin. Your eyes are the gateway to your soul and if that soul is constantly binge drinking then what do you expect your pores to do?

Step 2: Have a Skin Care Routine

Beauty is hard work. Being handsome doesn’t just "happen" despite what television, magazines, and your friend with the incredible metabolism for her age are trying to tell you. There are many products out there that promise anti-aging and to bring your sexy back. I’m unsponsored so you will have to do that digging for yourself. Long story short, wash and moisturize your face with the most natural and ethical products possible.

Remember that your skin is the biggest organ on your body. Protect it from the sun using sunscreen or SPF infused makeup. Moisturizer is love all times of year.

Step 3: Get Your Beauty Sleep

It can’t be said enough, get your rest. You are a hard-working professional with deadlines, dreams, and people who depend on you! However, you are not a cyborg. Go to sleep! Try to fall asleep at the same time every night and avoid using the weekend to catch up on sleep. By all means, do what feels natural. You’ve earned that weekend or that getaway. Each night prioritize sleep so you can refresh and recharge. The world awaits your best self.

Step 4: Obvious Other Stuff to Do

If you desire the best skin possible don’t smoke. Period. Need I say more? Also, eat healthy and don’t drink soda. Drink water. Stay hydrated! The human body is a complex machine but at the same it is also simple. Hydrate, moisturize, and relax yourself.

Step 5: Realize That Trying the Above Has its Limits

Okay you are a good human being. You drank your water, slept until you figured out how to lucid dream and still those bags under your eyes are there. You’ve relaxed and enjoyed the company of friends and family so much that your laugh lines are showing (a sign of a wonderful life)! Now if this were a different century I would say just deal with it. But no, you have CaraBeautiful!

If you are concerned about your facial features changing or you just want a different look, contact us for a free consultation. You do not have to ‘deal with what you were given’. We have technology! Stop by our Greensboro location and treat yourself to a relaxed and refreshed look that everyone will notice but no one will know how you achieved that facial. Unless you want to share the love, which you are welcome to do so.

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